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  • Mustafa Mohamed

    Put very simply, Pagepro is amazing to work with.

    Mustafa Mohamed. YOKE Network, London
  • Michal Kendereski

    They deliver exactly when they say they will and it’s always pixel-perfect.

    Michal Kendereski. Republik-Media, London
  • Carole Egerton

    Pagepro is great at problem solving, very organised and deliver in a timely fashion.

    Carole Egerton. Baffle & Zander, London
  • Maciej Liczbarski

    They were strong communicators and kept the project highly organized.

    Maciej Liczbarski. Gorilla Agency, Warsaw
  • Patryk Kabaj

    Despite working remotely, it feels like they are somewhere in the office.

    Patryk Kabaj. Packhelp, Warsaw
  • Guillaume Pousseo

    High quality services, big support with good prices and communication skills.

    Guillaume Pousseo. REVSQUARE, NYC
  • John Horrocks

    They are more than a great development team.

    John Horrocks. Rocksurance, NYC
  • Lance Redgrave

    The website was delivered on time and on budget.

    Lance Redgrave. Redfox Media, Sydney
  • Kristof Hamilton

    They are easy to work with, produce quality code and really felt like an extension of our volunteer team.

    Kristof Hamilton. Pride in London,
  • Seb Richards

    Their development team plugged-in and made a great front-end extension to our IT department.

    Seb Richards. Poly Agency, London
  • Nick Cremin

    Pagepro stands out in this arena due to their exceptional professionalism, knowledge, and integrity.

    Nick Cremin. Hound and Badger, London

What is GatsbyJS?

Gatsby logo

Want to get more visits thanks to blazing-fast and SEO-friendly websites?

Gatsby is a free and open-source framework based on React that helps developers build blazing-fast websites and apps.

It’s the most loved static site generator by developers as it uses the latest tech stack andis supported by great documentation. It has been made for both the web business advantages, as well as the ultimate development experience that combines the best features of React and GraphQL.

Why using Gatsby.JS?

Below list of Gatsby advantages for your future proof website.

  • Super-fast

    Stop losing clients because of the poor speed and page performance. Delight users with a website that works with a blink of an eye.

  • Extremely SEO-friendly

    Rank your page easier and higher than your competition. Google favours static pages, as they are fast, light, and easy to scan.

  • Supreme User Experience

    UX can make or break your business performance. Now you can deliver a truly outstanding and customized page without compromising the performance.

  • Totally Safe

    With Gatsby SSG, there is no direct connection to the database, dependencies, user data or other sensitive information.

  • Easy to Scale

    Developers love to work with futuristic technologies. More than that, Gatsby code is one of the easiest to hand over to somebody new.

  • Futuristic

    Every website is an app, and every app is a website. Gatsby.js is a future maker. It makes the web a better place. Less noisy, more readable, and much faster.


    Services provided:

    • Gatsby.js with Headless WordPress
    • Jamstack development
    • On-site SEO optimisation

    Main objectives:

    • Increase Page Speed
    • Improve SEO efficiency
    • Boost performance
    • Adapt to modern technologies
    desktop version of the page

Work appreciated by many

  1. They are the best organized agency I have ever worked with

    Noah Bernet
  2. I’m impressed by their ability to deliver quickly and keep things super simple. Nothing is overcomplicated, the scope is always crystal clear, and there is no drama

    Hannah Scott
    Hannah Scott 
    Product Owner 
  3. Put very simply, Pagepro is amazing to work with. They feel like an extension of my own team. They’re fast and effective and I feel like they deeply understand our product and what we’re building. For a startup this is paramount for us.

    Mustafa Mohamed
    Mustafa Mohamed
    Cto & Co-founder
    Yoke Network
  4. Unlike other dev houses, the devs assigned have only one goal - to contribute to your team, something you can immediately tell. No nasty surprises or side projects. Uniquely serious approach.

    Patryk Kabaj
    Patryk Kabaj
    CPO & Co-founder
  5. The constant quality of their work and their commitment offered us a great confidence.

    David Panart
    David Panart 
    I Will Code It
  6. We work with Pagepro since 2015. They deliver exactly when they say they will and it's always pixel-perfect. They prefer to under-promise and over-deliver

    Michal Kendereski
    Michal Kendereski  
    Republik-Media, London
  7. Incredibly pleasant and wonderful people to work with. They're very professional, putting forward ideas we would've never thought of in the first place.

    Andrew Hawryluk
    Andrew Hawryluk 
    Learn Squared
  8. It was clear that they had a solid understanding of what I needed and how to get there. You'll receive great attention and care on your project that you simply won't get at a larger firm.

    Luke Skarzynski
    Luke Skarzynski 
    Just in Case Estates
  9. Trust them — you can put yourself in their hands.

    Green Custard
  10. Pagepro exhibited strong execution. They understood our technical goals and our desired performance metrics, and they kept their word and worked hard to achieve those metrics.

    Michael Winer
    Mike Winer 
    Project Manager 
  11. Pagepro are proactive, supportive and deliver good quality code – very happy with the products that have been built to date.

    Christian Barnes
    Christian Barnes 
    Digital Project Manager 
    Luminous, London
  12. I never had to micro-manage, nor monitor the progress, as deliverables were always spot-on and high quality.

    Maya Barlev
    Flat World

Should we get it done?

Let's talk about you now!

Tell us about your challenge, and let's get the ball rolling.

Say Hello To Static Progressive Web Apps


GatsbyJS is a static PWA generator. Once loaded, Gatsby prefetches resources for other pages so clicking around the site feels incredibly fast.


You will just publish static files, which means there is no direct connection to the database, dependencies, user data or other sensitive information.


Simply because clicking and walking through your website feels like a walk in a park on a sunny day with no unexpected turns, stairs, or dead ends.

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When to use Gatsby.JS?

  • To increase your conversion and sales
  • To boost your marketing channels
  • To outperform your competition online
  • To serve clients with much better UX
  • To cut the maintenance costs
  • To scale your business easier

More reasons to use Gatsby.JS

Built for high performance

Working with Gatsby Agency or developers allows you to follow the latest web standards and technologies like ReactJS, Webpack, GraphQL, modern ES6+ JavaScript and CSS.

Development friendly

Gatsby gives you an ultimate web building experience, which makes it way more pleasant than ever before.

Combines best from the best

Gatsby agencies and developers are delighted with a mix of the best features of React and GraphQL to deliver a smooth development experience with incredible results.

Multiple data sources

You can use any number of different data files locally. You can also pull data from remote sources such as WordPress, Medium, etc. Anything accessible with API.

Free Hosting

The price for the hosting of Gatsby websites starts from $0!

What you can build with Gatsby.JS?

  • PWA - Progressive Web Apps
  • Jamstack Websites
  • Static eCommerce Storefronts
  • Headless eCommerce Platforms
  • Performant Marketing Pages
  • Super-fast digital business page

Tech Stack & Tools

A list of tech we use building Gatsby websites

Data sources

Deploy & Cdn

Who is using Gatsby?

Gatsby is getting traction, it’s one of the easiest ways to build a performant website (2-3 times faster than similar types of sites) that’s why, every day, more and more companies choose this solution.

We use the same technology stack as the largest companies in the industry!

  • Braun

  • Nike

  • Snapchat

  • Airbnb

  • Mozilla

  • Figma

What are Gatsby.js alternatives?

Gatsby Development FAQ

  • How much does it cost to build a Gatsby website?

    It depends on the complexity of implementation. If it’s just a development of a simple static web page, then you may pay around 4k - 8k for it.

    If you would like to also plan a UX, UI, and Design it, be ready to spend around 6k - 30k - depending on how big the project will be.

    If it’s a big and much more complex page, the cost can be around 20k-80k.

  • How long does it take to build a GatsbyJS page?

    Again, it depends on the level of complexity, but simple pages are taking from 1 month up to 3 months, and more complex pages could take 6 months up to 18 months, or more. Also, it’s different to work with Gatsby freelance developers than working with Gatsby Agency.

  • What skills are needed for GatsbyJS developers?

    Because GatsbyJS is a static page generator for React, it is crucial for Gatsby developers to know the ReactJS library.

    Gatsby developers should also know how to create GraphQL queries.

  • Is Pagepro a Gatsby Development Agency?

    Yes. Pagepro is a group of dedicated React developers that found many great business and development advantages in using Gatsby to build great web products. Since 2020 Pagepro is also an official Gatsby Agency Partner.

  • How to choose a Gatsby JS development company, or agency?

    Search for the companies and agencies that are either React experts (as Gatsby is based on React and it’s easy for them to pick it up), or dedicated Gatsby, or Jamstack developers.

  • What is the difference between Gatsby JS and Next JS?

    You can do all the things in Next.js that you do in GatsbyJS but it takes much more time because you need to do everything by yourself. Gatsby JS has a lot of plugins that help to solve many problems and optimize the page. More than that it has data fetching features built in (graphql available out of the box). So for now we will have to wait for Next.js ecosystem to grow and get more plugins so we can create static pages as fast as we do in GatsbyJS.

    For now Next.js is just a more flexible solution that requires more work and gives us some powerful extra features but in terms of development time GatsbyJS is still better.

  • What Gatsby development services do you offer?

    We offer:

    • Gatsby Full project execution
    • Gatsby Staff and Team augmentation
    • Gatsby Consultancy and Training

Why Gatsby Developers from Pagepro?

  • Efficiency guaranteed by Senior React Developers

    Gatsby is React, and our developers have been working with React since its existence. This is why we use the most efficient and battle-checked practices combined with the cherry top tech possibilities.

  • We start from your business objectives

    We align technology to your business. Not the other way around. Gatsby’s flexibility allows you to do online business easier, and much more efficient. We know how to use this unfair advantage a lot.

  • We’re Gatsby Partner Agency and Gatsby Contributors

    Our projects and involvement are appreciated and regularly showcased on the official Gatsby website.

  • 92% of our 300+ clients came backto work again!

    t’s hard to earn trust. This is why going the extra mile is a part of our inner culture. Join 300+ companies that seem to be happy with their choice and came back for more!

GatsbyJS Development Services

Pagepro as a Gatsby contributor

Pagepro have been officially showcased by GatsbyJS in categories like technology use and finest web development for events and conferences.

Frontend Day

Our initiatives

Front End Day

Front-end Day logo

The best day to start shifting your career as a front-end developer.

FED is a full day of workshops for developers in any stage of experience, carefully crafted to master various front-end development skills.

JS Minds

JS Minds logo

An online platform for top React Developers matching with interesting Projects.

We take care of talented developers and bring them closer to their dream jobs.

Now, they work where they want, on the projects they like.

Pagepro in numbers

  • Team members
  • Rate
    4.9 / 5
  • Client Retention ratio
    92 %


  • Modern technologies only

    React, Jamstack, Headless eCommerce? We love to work with new technologies and contribute to their growth.


    Before we hire developers they are going through a restless vetting process with more than 50 checkpoints and 3 different practical tasks to test their skills.

  • Approximate Onboarding Takes 72 Hours

    Need to start things quick? We are ready!

  • Huge Attention To Details

    There are many famous practices in software development, but you still need people who are good at keeping the details in order.

  • Small Enough, Big Enough

    Small enough to totally focus on you, big enough to handle even the most demanding projects.

  • 92% Of Our Clients Came Back To Work Again!

    There is a high chance you will like working with us. Why not give it a try?

Learn more about Gatsby development with us!

Gatsby is a convenient tool for us that we use to work on large projects and we love to share the knowledge about it. You can meet us at IT conferences and workshops. Our experts also spread their experience in internal meetups or by writing interesting articles on the blog.

  • Open Workshop: Introducing basics of React

    16.05.2018, Białystok, Poland.

  • A lecture at Bialystok University of Technology

    28.05.2018, Białystok, Poland.

  • Advanced React & Redux Patterns - a lecture on MeetJS Summer Special

    25.08.2018, Białystok, Poland.

Other recommended services

At Pagepro, we do not only help our clients in the Gatsby configuration. Our main purpose is to create web applications that are also great for presentations in Gatsby. Our experts can provide consultation for you on the technology and frameworks to select for your product.

  • ReactJS Development

    React.js is one of the most popular libraries for creating modern, single-page applications. React allows creating rich user interfaces in a declarative way, which is easier to understand for developers and provides a faster way to produce a final effect for end users.

  • React Native Development

    Speed up mobile app development up to 50% and get to market faster.
    Your vision, our people, and expertise.

Hire dedicated Gatsby developers and designers

Do you have a project to implement, or want some expertise? We create projects where Gatsby plays a key role, but we also can help you in the configuration of your style guide. Feel free to contact us! We will be glad to answer all your questions!

Read our Privacy Policy to learn about the ways we protect and secure your personal information.