My Name Flow

An Automated E-mail Marketing Platform For Financial Agents.

MyNameFlow is a React Automated Follow-Up JavaScript web application for Financial Professionals.

MyNameFlow is an application for financial insurers. The app is used to manage their clients.

Using it insurer can add new clients, send them newsletter emails and observe their life events. It is helpful to be in constant contact with the client.

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MyNameFlow in numbers

  • Users registered
  • Logins (per day)
  • Newsletters send (per day)


The first version of the client application was created in the BackboneJS framework.

In the course of time, it turned out to be inefficient and heavy in maintenance. This is a result of the decreasing popularity and number of developers using this framework. Problem with the further development has prompted owners to rewrite application for fresh technologies.

The goal was to create Single Page Application and adapt it to mobile devices. In addition, the application should work faster and be easier to develop, comparing to the previous version.


To create the application We used the one of the newer technologies: ReactJS library and Redux- to manage data within the application.

Apps in that framework are created of reusable components. The biggest advantage is the huge community. Developers provide their own open source solutions, that others devs can use in their projects. Creating applications is quick and easy.

Backend (API) of application is provided as Django RESTful service.

Rewriting started on 01.02.2017. The best technologies and professionalism of the developers made the creation of a new version proceeded at a very fast pace.


Rewriting took us 4 months, but we are still developing new features.

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